While the advances in technologies have improved the way that we interact, work and share information, it is not without its problems – the main one apart from privacy and safety being that it is nearly impossible to switch off from our devices. The reality is we are now connected to our devices at almost every waking hour. In fact, research from Pew Internet has shown that: 50% of people check their phones if they wake up in the middle of… View Post

Starting a blog can pay off and eventually change your finances forever. 20 years ago, blogs didn’t exist. Today, there are over 150 million of them. When blogging started, the first blogs were glorified online journals, and in all likelihood, becoming a professional blogger and making money online wasn’t the goal. Since then, the blogosphere has evolved, and now people blog for many different reasons. There are now distinctions among types of blogs – lifestyle, parenting, fashion, business, food, and entertainment blogs,… View Post