My work team recently participated in our organization’s yearly Southwark community volunteering summer challenge at a primary school called Redriff Primary School in Surrey Quays. The volunteer day was organised by our Corporate Social Responsibility department in conjunction with Involve. Involve is an organization that helps their corporate partners to make the biggest possible impact for charities and community organisations in and around Southwark. They work with organisations making a real difference in the local community, assess the impact a corporate team could have,… View Post

  Some days she has no idea how she will do it. But every single day it still gets done The echoing of, “Mummy, I’m bored…”, “Mummy, please can I have some grapes…”, “Mummy, I need to poo”, “Mummy, he smacked me…” and “Ma Ma, Ka Ka!” all ring in my head as my two kids constantly compete for my attention. The tension and chaos in the house sometimes threatens to suffocate me and in an attempt to break out… View Post

Welcome to the second Peacockscanfly Fashionista Boss Mum interview series where I collaborate with another Mummy lifestyle blogger. This second series we meet the absolutely gorgeous mum of 1, Kayla Dene. Kayla is a lifestyle blogger, business owner, mother, and coach based in Maryland, United States. On her lifestyle blog you will see her travel journeys, life as mother, favorite outfits, how-to’s, and more. Thank for for taking part in this collaboration, Kayla.   Could you please tell us a bit about yourself Born in… View Post

My recent family vacation to Cuba inspired me to write down some of my Q3 2017 reflections and goals for the remainder of the year in my personal journal. My main goal in life is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from. I understand that some things in life we literally can’t change very easily, maybe you’re a parent with young children or caring for a sick relative or have other huge responsibilities or commitments that seem to limit or restrict you. You might be at… View Post

Welcome to the third Working Mum Club (WMC) interview series. Every fortnight or so, I will be featuring a working mum in a bid to find out more about them and how they balance work and family life. If you are a working mum and would like to take part in this series, kindly send an email to This third Working Mum Club interview series, we meet the beautiful Sunny Lin. Sunny is a mum of two children- a girl and… View Post