**She designed a life she loved** I’ve been spending a huge part of my night designing a life I love. 2017 has been a very busy, challenging but interesting year with so many reasons to be thankful to God. Slowly but surely I’m beginning to step into the woman and leader that I was born to be. One thing I can say is life can be even better than you ever imagined. My message to you as we approach the… View Post

Welcome to the second Peacockscanfly Fashionista Boss Mum interview series where I collaborate with another Mummy lifestyle blogger. This second series we meet the absolutely gorgeous mum of 1, Kayla Dene. Kayla is a lifestyle blogger, business owner, mother, and coach based in Maryland, United States. On her lifestyle blog you will see her travel journeys, life as mother, favorite outfits, how-to’s, and more. Thank for for taking part in this collaboration, Kayla.   Could you please tell us a bit about yourself Born in… View Post

  Happy new month! Can’t believe it’s August already. Welcome to the first Peacockscanfly Fashionista Boss Mum interview series where I collaborate with another Mummy fashion and lifestyle blogger. This first series we meet the beautiful and inspirational mum of 3 absolutely adorable daughters, Pamela from Manitoba, Canada. Pamela is a Canadian lifestyle and fashion blogger for affordable fashion, home decor, DIYs and food and the creative behind the Pamela blog.  Thank for for taking part in this collaboration, Pamela.… View Post

After visiting Paris recently, I have come to agree with the fact that Parisian women maintain effortless glamour and timeless allure. Let’s just face it, when it comes to style, the French seems to do it better. Surely, there are impossibly chic women scattered across the globe but there are just more of them in Paris. Whether I was on the Metro or in Champs Elysee, Parisian street-style had my head turning this way and that. Fashionistas across the globe… View Post

    The world has a natural propensity to celebrate the talented, the rich, the famous, the fabulous, the “high performer”, the “go-getter”. Over the years, particularly since working at a large investment bank for 8 years, I realised how much energy and effort I have poured into the persona that I thought the world needed to see. That my colleagues needed to see. That my stakeholders needed to see. That my bosses needed to see.   Once I could see myself a little better,… View Post