Boys mom club: Lamide Ayodele

I started the Peacockscanfly Boys Mom Club (BMC) interview series in other to connect with other Boys moms from all over the world- as you know I’m a global citizen. I promise I totally love girls and also intend to connect with girls moms too even though I don’t have a girl (yet):-) If you’d like to take part in this series, kindly send an email to


This second series we meet the lovely and beautiful Lamide Ayodele, a mom of 2 adorable boys from Kent, United Kingdom. Thank you Lamide for reaching out to me, its such a pleasure connecting with you plus you were sooo easy to work with!

Can you tell us about yourself- background, location, family
I have been married for ten years and a mum of two boys, Jaden aged 9 years and Christian aged 4 years. We live in Kent, United Kingdom and I am a working mum. I wear many hats as far as my career is concerned. I qualified as a solicitor in 2004 and practiced as a civil lawyer for 7 years. Whilst in practice, I also bagged the title of a writer as I regularly wrote for a magazine and obtained a Masters in Creative writing from City University. In my search for a more sustainable work life balance, I took time out of law practise and retrained as a project manager in 2011.

What does motherhood mean to you?
Motherhood to me is synonymous with unconditional love, protection and nurture for another being who is a part of me, and whom I am a part of. I believe that children are custodians of our legacy and through them we have a form of immortality.

What is your current job and what does it entail?
I currently work in banking as a project manager delivering regulatory initiatives. Whilst I immensely enjoy working in banking, I have simultaneously been producing a talk show – Hewnlife Talks, an internet based (YouTube) show that aims to put some spotlight on a wide range of subjects impacting a vast number of people within our communities.

What do you love most about being a Boys mom?
I love being a boys mom! I love that I am the centre of attention at home, as the boys, including their dad compete for my time; time to listen, time to cuddle, when they need help or just to sit next to me. I am the queen of my castle. Plus I won’t have to hide my make up or share my clothes or shoes…

What is your biggest frustration as a Boys moms?
Currently, their total addiction to Video games and Minecraft!



What top advice would you give new Boys mom?
They become really boisterous around age 3, take it in your stride and don’t get frustrated with them. They will eventually outgrow that phase!
Try not to yell at them or talk down to them! They are wired with extremely fragile egos. If you crack it, that could cause a lifetime of damage. Treat them with respect, talk to them intelligently, they hear you. Even though they might not immediately seem like they do, but they hear you.


What is two of your top realities that happens in your home as a Boys mom?
We are constantly missing sports wear! Boys mums send emails to the parents group asking around for missing school uniforms or sports wear. The girls parents never engage in those chats. PS: They outgrow that by year 5.


How do you balance work and family life?
We have a synced work and home calendar which works as a planner and reminder for all work related deadlines and school activities (parents evenings, school trips, rehearsals, games and parties)

Holidays! We maximise every holiday period and try to go away as a family to reconnect and recharge.

Tell us one random fact about you
I have written a memoir but have cold feet getting it published! I just can’t summon the courage. Don’t know if it will ever get published. Maybe I’ll keep it for my grand kids? Time will tell


I could relate with Lamide’s life living with boys in a nutshell- my boys definitely don’t like when I have a go at them 🙂

Kindly follow Tiffani’s Youtube channel.


You can find the First Boys mom Interview series here where we meet Tiffani Wilson  a mum of two boys from Arizona. Join me and other passionate like-minded mums from all over the world on our private facebook page ‘Notjustamum’.



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