Hello there! I’m Folakemi, a Nigerian-British Christian wife and mum to two amazing boys based in London. I am a Business Analyst by profession and founder of the Notjustamum community. I have worked at a large investment bank in London for over 8 years, initially as an Application developer and currently as a Senior Business Analyst. There are two reasons why I chose the name “Peacockscanfly”. Firstly, Peacocks are always noticed wherever they are because of their colourful and beautiful feathers- they always STAND OUT. Secondly, Peacocks are so large they aren’t expected to fly but they can FLY. This applies so much to my lifestyle and philosophy particularly since I became a mum.

I find its very important to stand out whilst remaining true to yourself and to challenge yourself to do what people think isn’t possible- the sky should always be your starting point. Besides, I also feel the need to inspire and promote young mums and women in general to pursue their passions and live their life to the fullest. Join me and 770+ other like-minded and supportive mums (young mums and future mums) on our Private Facebook Group ‘Notjustamum’.

I don’t have all the answers myself so I’m is very keen to learn and adopt new practical ideas, read comments, feedback. I’m certainly not alone in this journey so I thank in advance all those whose ideas I’ll be reflecting on.

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Want to know more about me?

  • I am a lot like many of you in some ways and completely different in several other ways.
  • I am very analytical and creative. I love to laugh and can find humor and joy in even the darkest moments.
  • I reflect upon and challenge conventional approaches and ideas that doesn’t look or feel right to me.
  • I believe that life should be fun! I love to travel. Being a mum or wife doesn’t mean your life should come to an end 🙂

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