Welcome to the third Working Mum Club (WMC) interview series. Every fortnight or so, I will be featuring a working mum in a bid to find out more about them and how they balance work and family life. If you are a working mum and would like to take part in this series, kindly send an email to info@peacockscanfly.com. This third Working Mum Club interview series, we meet the beautiful Sunny Lin. Sunny is a mum of two children- a girl and… View Post

When I started working in the city of London over 8 years ago, I sometimes had to stay late at the office until 8pm to fix issues with the Equity trading application I supported then. At that time working late wasn’t really a problem as I was single and free and didn’t have any major responsibilities and commitments outside work. Since I got married however, the integration of my work life and personal life has been a rough ride sometimes but since I… View Post

  Happy new month! Can’t believe it’s August already. Welcome to the first Peacockscanfly Fashionista Boss Mum interview series where I collaborate with another Mummy fashion and lifestyle blogger. This first series we meet the beautiful and inspirational mum of 3 absolutely adorable daughters, Pamela from Manitoba, Canada. Pamela is a Canadian lifestyle and fashion blogger for affordable fashion, home decor, DIYs and food and the creative behind the Pamela blog.  Thank for for taking part in this collaboration, Pamela.… View Post

“Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another. There is always room for everyone to succeed.” Chelsea Handler said women have a problem supporting each other, is she right? Whilst I wouldn’t want to dive into American politics here, to her it was shocking to see that 53% of women voted for Donald trump in favour of Hilary Clinton in the last US presidential elections. For me personally, I have some few very dear and lovely female friends, mummy friends… View Post

After visiting Paris recently, I have come to agree with the fact that Parisian women maintain effortless glamour and timeless allure. Let’s just face it, when it comes to style, the French seems to do it better. Surely, there are impossibly chic women scattered across the globe but there are just more of them in Paris. Whether I was on the Metro or in Champs Elysee, Parisian street-style had my head turning this way and that. Fashionistas across the globe… View Post